Our Company

Platinum Health Care, LLC, was formed with the purpose of creating an in-home office for managing long-term care facilities.

Since Platinum Health Care was created in 2001, the upward revenue trend is apparent, but even more significant is the company’s demonstrated ability to turn under-performing properties around. Those turnarounds and the subsequent exercise of their purchase options have enabled the portfolio to grow to 26 owned properties and 3 leased properties (as of August 2011). Those facilities total 3335 beds located in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.

In addition to providing excellent care and service to residents and their families, financial performance drives the success of Platinum Health Care properties. To ensure accountability and transparency to management and investors, Platinum Health Care takes responsibility for a broad array of back office services, including:

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • General Ledger Service

  • Cost Reporting Functionality

  • Human Resource Services

  • Purchasing

  • Marketing and Media Resources

Overhead costs, budgeted or billed, under contracts from Platinum Health Care shall not exceed 10% of total contract costs budgeted or billed.

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