Welcome to Platinum Health Care

Platinum Health Care, LLC was formed with the purpose of creating an in-home office for managing long-term care facilities. By providing a structured and managed back-office, PHC helps enable our long-term care facilities to operate smoothly and gives them the ability to focus their efforts on providing caring and compassionate environments that accommodate all of their residents needs.
Our facilities are able to offer each resident the care level that is appropriate to his or her individual and changing needs. We do this through specialized therapy and rehabilitation programs, tailored activities, skills for life programming, and a fully trained staff of healthcare professionals. Within our caring environments we hope to nurture and enhance the physical, social, and emotional well-being of each resident.

Our goal at Platinum Health Care is to provide the means necessary for our care facilities to be able to truly characterize excellence in the communities they operate in.

Why choose a PHC Facility?

We emphasize the importance
of respect, integrity, and
compassion for everyone.

Each day is viewed as
having an unlimited
potential for our residents.

We strive to operate
facilities that we would
place our own loved ones in.

Mission Statment:

Our mission is to provide complete back office functionality for our Senior Living Communities. By giving our facilities all the resources they need for financial growth and expansion, they are able to provide patients with the top quality of life.